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Sport psychology is a part of every elite athlete’s training regimen. It gives athletes the mental edge to be more focused, composed, confident, motivated and resilient. The science is clear: sport psychology and performance coaching help athletes perform better. Luckily, mental performance strategies can help everyone (not just athletes) take their “game” to the next level.

Union Square Practice’s co-founder Dr. Jonathan Fader is a leading sport and performance clinical psychologist. He is also a mental coach best known for working with professional athletes in the MLB, NFL and teams including The New York Mets and The New York Giants.

As a leading national mental coach, Dr. Fader advocates that performance coaching and mental conditioning aren’t just for athletes. He believes that performance coaching can help everyone be their most elite selves. Dr. Fader has adapted the skills he teaches elite athletes for everyday life. Dr. Fader regularly works with performing artists, business leaders, and organizations. We also offer sport psychology for kids.

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