Who We Treat

Who We Treat

Union Square Practice offers many different therapies for adults and teens, as well as parents and couples. USP also has clinicians who focus on Women’s Mental Health and the LGBTQ Community.

USP is also a national leader in performance psychology and mental coaching. Dr. Fader and his team work with elite athletes, performers, business leaders, physicians and anyone who is interested in taking their ‘game’ to the next level.

getting started

USP offers many different therapies with countless ways to customize for you. Our rigorous screening process helps get results.

  1. Clients usually start by connecting with our Clinical Coordinating Team, who talk with each client about their concerns and needs.
  2. We then recommend a client/provider match.
  3. Once matched, the clinicians evaluate each client in a 60- or 90-minute session before recommending a plan.
  4. We always collaborate with you to ensure you are comfortable with our recommendations.

USP emphasizes a practical and respectful approach to client care. We believe the basis of success with any client is the personal connection.

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