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USP Monthly Reading Roundup


As part of a monthly segment, we’ll be sharing the most interesting mental health articles from around the web in the month. Here’s some of the best current recommended reading on psychology, psychiatry and mental health, as curated by our clinicians and staff:

-Researchers found that we’re the most happy at the beginning and ends of our lives, but not so much in the middle. The trend, however, varies drastically in other countries.

-There’s some confounding new information on insomnia. Namely, that people reporting insomnia may be getting just as much sleep as the rest of us.

-A Harvard psychologist delves into why we’re not always the greatest consumers.

-A psychologist talks with Time about why we’re so scared about Ebola.

-New research links ADHD in kids to exposure to air pollution.

-Comfort foods have an unexpected affect on bad moods.


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