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USP Spotlight – Katie Krimer featured in Scientific American

Thanksgiving is a time for turkey, stuffing our bellies, football, and of course…family!

Katie Krimer, a clinician at USP, shares her own experiences and the strategies she uses to ease tension and conflict when time spent with family leads to heated disagreements.

“I personally make a choice to calmly tell the other person that I disagree, and gently ask that we switch topics. This comes from years of huge blow-ups at family dinners—impassioned arguments where I’m often the one screaming and crying and feeling like I’m talking to a wall…Sneak off to the bathroom to cool your alerted nervous system down, take three deep breaths, four counts in through the nose, eight counts out through the mouth.”

Katie adds that it’s always best to come to a conversation with love and an open mind. “When we express compassion and understanding for someone’s experience or stance, it’s easier to defuse anger and resentment for ourselves.”

Check out the full article on Scientific American.

Katie Krimer is a licensed clinical social worker who provides mindfulness-based therapy.

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