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USP Spotlight – Katie Krimer featured in Bustle

TV, phone, computer, tablet, even print newspaper. With technology at our fingertips, it is nearly impossible to disconnect from the news cycle. Unfortunately, most of the news we encounter is negative, and even traumatizing at times. Bustle takes a look at some of the ways we can maintain our mental health amidst the challenging news storm.

Katie Krimer, a clinician at USP, gave her unique perspective on how we can better manage our response to the news including, engaging in compassion and mindfulness.

“Compassion is the act of wishing someone to be free of suffering — it is an energy that you can engage in that doesn’t necessarily involve the rekindling of difficult emotions that might result in compassion fatigue … Instead, offer gentle compassion, but know that you will be strongest and most aware if you are able to keep your head above water when it comes to your own emotional well-being.”

“Mindfulness practice can also simply give you your own peace of mind amidst chaos… Mindfulness can help us build [our emotional reserves] so that we know when we are fusing too strongly with life’s tragedies. Take care of your own heart and mind.”

Check out the full article at Bustle. 

Katie Krimer is a licensed clinical social worker who provides mindfulness-based therapy.

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