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A Standard TMS session

With the exception of your very first TMS treatment, daily TMS sessions are fairly routine. The main difference is that during your first TMS session, the technician will take measurements of your head and determine a motor threshold. This motor threshold is used to customize and determine key parts of your TMS treatment plan. Otherwise, you can expect each subsequent TMS appointment to be similar to each other. A routine TMS appointment typically begins with the patient arriving and seating themselves in the treatment chair. The technician will ask a series of health questions, such as the quality of your sleep, the quality of your current mood, any changes in medications, and if there are any medical complaints or unusual symptoms. The technician will then offer you earplugs, put your cap on, and place the TMS coil on your head. After counting down, technician will initiate the treatment. During treatment, you may read a book, browse on your phone (we don’t suggest phone conversations due to earplugs / noise), or simply relax. However, we ask that you try your best to keep your head perfectly still.

The technician will continuously monitor the treatment to ensure there is no discomfort and that the coil is maintained in the correct location. A typical treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes, with an additional 2-5 minutes of setup, thus making a TMS appointment 30 minutes long. After the treatment is complete, the technician will ask you if you have any headaches, lightheadedness, or any unusual symptoms. Over-the-counter anesthetics such as Tylenol or Advil are offered in case of a headache or discomfort. If there are no problems, you are free to continue on your day and the technician will see you at your next daily appointment. There are no special instructions/restrictions before or after a TMS treatment; some patients opt to come for their appointment during their lunch breaks, as appointments generally finish within 30 minutes.

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