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Why does TMS take such a long time?

A typical TMS program lasts 6-8 weeks, 5 treatments a week (with some leeway,) Monday-Friday, for a total of 36 treatments. Research has shown that TMS treatment is most effective under these treatment lengths and parameters, though further research may suggest additional treatments for more efficacy. While there is some research looking at efficacy with less than 36 treatments, response rates are generally lower.

TMS programs that run less than 30 treatments may not be effective, as changes in your body often take weeks to manifest. For example, if one wants to go to the gym to gain muscle or lose weight, one cannot expect noticeable results in just two weeks. One typically has to go to the gym consistently for at least 4-6 weeks to start noticing real results. The same concept applies to TMS treatment – the human body can adapt very well, but often needs weeks to fully adapt to changes.

Oftentimes, the key to change is consistency. If you’re seeing a therapist, you generally have to follow a regular schedule, whether it’s once or twice a week, or once every month, in order to make progress. If you receive TMS treatment daily, you may start noticing positive results within 4-6 weeks of treatment. These results are often subtle and better observed by your family and friends. They may notice that you have higher motivation and energy, a brighter future outlook, or a general positive “aura” about you.

As a caveat, while TMS is best administered 5 times a week, it may be possible to customize your treatment frequency depending on your circumstances. Please reach out to learn more!

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