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Take me through a Course of TMS treatment

While treatment plans are fully customized and tailored to each patient, treatment plans that involve TMS have some general similarities.

After receiving the green light for TMS, patients can expect a 6 – 9 week commitment to treatment. Treatment often begins soon after insurance verification and as soon as the patient has 6 weeks available with little or no interruptions in treatment.

Treatment is administered 5 days a week for the first 30 treatments (6 weeks), followed by a tapering period for the final 6 treatments. This tapering period typically has 3 treatments the 7th week, 2 treatments the 8th week, and one final treatment on the 9th week.

For maximum efficacy, it is highly recommended that patients do not miss any treatments for the first 6 weeks. As such, please tell your clinician of any vacation plans or prior commitments so that your TMS treatment plan can be adjusted. However, we understand that sometimes life matters do come up during a treatment course – please feel free to discuss any questions with your clinician.

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