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Taking in your Brain for an evaluation

Neuropsychological evaluations are important for many different groups. One of those is for people with neurological disorders or injuries; those with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), tumors, head injury, or a stroke.

Another big reason why someone might seek out a neuropsychological evaluation is because they notice a change in their cognitive functioning, either in themselves or in a loved one. It could be someone becoming more forgetful. They might struggle to be able to organize their day to day activities or their responsibilities in ways that feel very discrepant from their level of intelligence. People might be struggling with being able to sustain their attention for long periods of time on important work assignments, having difficulties planning, having problematic changes in their judgment, problems initiating behavior, or even a change in their personality.

For many adults who are getting older, there are often concerns that mild memory loss is more than just normal aging. Another group who often seek a neuropsychological evaluation are children and adolescents who have a specific struggle with learning or behavior; something that might indicate an underlying neurodevelopmental disorder. An evaluation is crucial for these individuals so their parents, their teachers, and all of their intervention specialists understand the child’s particular struggles as well as their strengths.

Overall, if there’s any concern about cognitive problems, then a neuropsychological evaluation can help tease apart where that individual is, if there is something more going on underneath, and how they can optimize their areas of strength.

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