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We help parents navigate the roller coaster of parenting. We know parenting can be exhilaratingly fun and horribly terrifying! Each stage of your child’s development brings new challenges. At Union Square Practice, our goal is to identify issues and teach parents the skills to reduce the number of stressful parent and child interactions.

One of the techniques USP practices is Mindful Parenting. We offer this in individual sessions with Dr. Julia Vigna Bosson.


Mindful Parenting is a nonjudgmental, present-focused awareness approach to our interactions with our children.

  • Maintain a sense of steadiness
  • Learn to observe first – not react
  • Increase ability to respond calmly
  • Gain a sense of control

Just about any parent can benefit from learning mindfulness skills and applying them to their interactions with their kids. Practicing mindfulness can be especially valuable to parents who feel themselves losing control of their emotions or who feel as though they’re missing quality moments.

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