Union Square Practice offers a variety of services that address a vast range of mental health, cognitive, and performance issues.

USP provides therapy and medication management under one roof. Clients have the option to use their own therapist and one of USP’s psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioners for medication management. We value teamwork and embrace collaboration with your other healthcare providers.

At USP, we also work with families and couples. The range of services we provide now spans even farther from art therapy to transcranial magnetic stimulation. Plus, for clients with cognitive difficulties or known or suspected brain injuries, neuropsychological evaluation and testing services are available.

USP is a leader in sport psychology and mental coaching for performers and athletes. Performance coaching services leverage the ideas of sport psychology for anyone looking to take their ‘game’ to the next level. USP does individual coaching and group coaching for financial institutions, hedge funds, corporations, hospitals, schools/universities and many more.

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