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Union Square Practice unveiled our free weekly Webinar Series in late March in response to the global spread of COVID-19. Over the past few months, we have covered a range of topics from the practice of mindfulness to the science of sleep, and most recently, to the transformative power of breathing. Our primary goal has been to provide in-depth and informative conversation from experts in the field, including our very own talented USP clinicians, as well as to give our viewers tangible tools for helping them manage their own stress and the uncertainty swirling around all of us.

As life slowly starts getting back to normal, at least for some of us, we are excited to continue bringing you our webinar series, though we will now produce monthly, rather than weekly episodes. Our hope is for this series to remain a source of support, information, and advice for helping each of you adapt and thrive in response to whatever challenges await. The next episode will release in mid-August, but in the meantime, check out replays of all of our previous webinars below!