What We Treat


For better or worse, we all know relationships have ups and downs. At Union Square Practice, our relationship therapists have the experience and expertise to help.

The types of relationships we often work with are:
  • Families
  • Interpersonal
  • Intimate/Romantic
    • Intimacy comes in many forms: emotional, physical, intellectual etc. It can be difficult to determine where the disconnect stems from with your partner and how to change the dynamics of the relationship to improve the intimacy. In therapy, through a range of exercises, your therapist will help you elucidate the problematic patterns and offer techniques on how to re-connect with your partner.
  • Sexual Concerns
    • For many clients, having a healthy sexual relationship can be a priority. It is possible that throughout the years you have begun to lose that chemistry with your partner that was natural and passionate in the beginning of the relationship. Perhaps a sexual dysfunction is getting in the way of the relationship or menopause has shifted your libido. It is also possible that you never truly connected sexually with your partner and you are choosing now to work through those concerns. Your therapist will do a full assessment and work with an interdisciplinary team to help you work through your sexual concerns to improve your sexual relationship.
At USP, our goal is for the people involved in the relationship to:
  • Listen to each other
  • Empathize with one another
  • Let go of control or detrimental patterns
  • Open up
  • Be honest and vulnerable
  • Identify concerns and work through them

Like mastering any new skill, it takes persistence and practice to change. We strive to help people understand concerns, develop solutions to overcome these concerns and ultimately feel better.

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