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Behavioral Difficulties

It is a completely normal part of a child or teen’s development to question rules or push back against authority figures. Teens, especially, must figure out their own values and beliefs. However, if it seems like your child is exhibiting an ongoing, unchanging pattern of disobedient or defiant behaviors, then something more might be going on. Often there is an underlying anxiety or mood disorder or family dysfunction that underlies oppositional behavior.

Some common behavioral symptoms include:
  • Frequent tantrums or outbursts
  • Easily angered or annoyed
  • Frequently argues with adults or authority figures
  • Doesn’t listen to or follow rules
  • May break objects or get into physical altercations

At Union Square Practice, our child and adolescent clinicians have extensive experience working with children and adolescents who may be struggling with behavioral difficulties. At USP, we understand that there is no one size fits all approach to treating behavioral difficulties. Thus, our clinicians take a holistic and collaborative approach to come up with a tailored treatment plan that works for your child and your family.

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