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Career-related Stress

Career-Related Stress can occur when the demands of one’s job exceeds one’s coping resources. Put simply, when work-life balance is consistently titled more toward work and less toward life, people can experience a range of difficulties. Those working in the healthcare professions, first-responders, and others with emotionally stressful occupations, are at particularly high risk for suffering from symptoms associated with career-related stress.

Career-related stress can contribute to a range of symptoms:
  • Recurring feelings of overwhelm
  • Anxiety or panic symptoms
  • Fatigue or exhaustion
  • Loss of satisfaction with one’s career, life, or relationships.
  • Depression
  • Burn-Out
  • Physical symptoms: high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation, and more

At Union Square Practice, we have successfully assisted our clients in managing their career-related stress. After an initial assessment of your current and previous symptoms, functioning, and situation, we will help you tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs. This may include focused psychotherapy, medication management, skills coaching, or some combination, depending upon your goals for treatment. Our clinicians can offer you: cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, assertiveness training, and executive functioning skills coaching.

Drawing from Dr. Fader’s performance coaching methods, our clinicians work to motivate and inspire clients to work at their highest level while also leading full and meaningful lives. Dr. Fader knows that performance coaching can help people be more productive and happier in work – and in life.

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